Type Snob

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1. Choose a typeface for body text

2. Avoid more than 2 typeface

3. Balance line space and font size

4. Line length 45-90 characters

5. Modular scale

6. Punctuation

• curly quotes: Option + [ for opening quotes
– Option + Shift + [ for closing quotes.
• en dash (–): Option + Hyphen
– em dash (—): Option + Shift + the Hyphen Key

credit source: thedesignteam.io | Pablo Stanley

Packaging: Herbs

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“…Specific Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines have been created to heal particular organs in order to nurse the entire body to a good level of health. Thus by having 12 types of herbal medicine teas to heal the organs corresponding with organ operating time within the 12* divisions of the day, consumers would be nourished and achieve maximum health.”

*According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, 24 hours is divided into 12 divisions where each division has two hours.

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