PANTONE Fashion Color Report: Fall/Winter 2017/2018

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PANTONE Fashion Color Report, Fall/Winter 2017/2018

Every season, Pantone evaluates the colors shown by fashion designers in their collections at New York Fashion Week. This information is then used to create the Fashion Color Report where top 10 colors are highlighted for the upcoming season. For the first time ever, Pantone has added London Fashion Week to their seasonal color report.
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神: spirit; god

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神 shén

noun | adjective
: deity; soul; spirit
: unusual; mysterious
: lively; expressive; expression
: look
: (slang) awesome; amazing
: God; abbr. for 神舟

Kun Reading

神 | かみ kami

: god; deity; divinity; spirit; kami

On Reading

神 | しん shin OR じん jin

: spirit; psyche
: god; deity; divinity; kami

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