俯: to look down


俯 fǔ

: to look down; to stoop

Kun Reading

俯す | ふす fusu

su verb [precursor to the modern suru]
: to lower (one’s head, gaze, etc.)

俯せ OR うつ伏せ | うつぶせ utsubuse

noun | no-adjective
: lying on one’s face; upside-down

俯く | うつむく utsumuku

godan verb with ku ending
: to hang one’s head in shame; to look downward; to cast one’s eyes down

俯す | うつぶす utsubusu

godan verb with su ending
: to lie with one’s face on the ground;
: (Archaism) to lower (one’s head, gaze, etc.)

俯け | うつむけ utsumuke

: lying face down; upside down; prone

俯せる | うつぶせる utsubuseru

ichidan verb | transitive verb
: to lie face-down

伏せる | ふせる fuseru

ichidan verb | transitive verb
:to lay something upside down; to turn something over; to cover; to lay (pipes); to lay (an ambush); to hid

On Reading

フ fu


俯仰 fu3yang3: lowering and raising of the head; (fig.) small move; pitch (position angle)
[ふぎょう fugyou: looking up and down; actions; being obliging]
俯伏 fu3fu2: to lie prostrate
[ふふく fufuku: prostration]
俯就 fu3jiu4: to deign; to condescend; to yield to (entreaties); to submit to (somebody); (polite) to deign to accept (a post)
俯瞰 fu3kan4: to overlook; to look down from a height
[ふかん fukan: overlooking; looking down at; having an overhead view; having a bird’s-eye view; having a high-angle view]
俯臥[卧] fu3wo4: to lie prone

Japanese common word | expression | yojijukugo 四字熟語
俯仰天地 | ふぎょうてんち fugyou tenchi
: (yoji) looking up and down, from heaven to earth (having nothing to be ashamed of); swearing by Heaven and Earth (having done nothing to be ashamed of)

Chinese expression | chengyu 成語 | idiom
俯仰無愧 [俯仰无愧] fu3 yang3 wu2 kui4
: to have a clear conscience

俯拾皆是 fu3 shi2 jie1 shi4
: lit. so numerous that one could just bend down and pick them up; fig. extremely common; easily available

俯首帖耳 fu3 shou3 tie1 er3
: bowed head and ears glued; docile and obedient; at sb’s beck and call

俯首稱臣 [俯首称臣] fu3 shou3 cheng1 chen2
: to bow before; to capitulate

與世俯仰 yu3 shi4 fu3 yang3
: to swim with the tide

形声 Pictophonetic.
亻 (ren2: person radical 9) suggests the meaning while
(fu3: prefecture; government) provides the sound.

頫[俯] fu3: bow; nod; condescend

俛[俯] fu3: to look down
俛 mian3: to exhort

none applicable

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