38 FREE Funky & Written fonts 2015

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Here are a few FREE funky fonts to add to your creative font library. A few to note, Barokah looks like a good (replacement of the) comic font, while Chawp is a nice alternative for a chalk font. Just in time for summer carnivals is the Circo font. And finally, a nice sketchy font will be FFF Tusj or Sketchetik.

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離: to depart from; from

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離 [离] lí

verb | preposition
: to leave; to part from; to be away from
: (in giving distances) from
: without (something); independent of
: one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦, symbolizing fire; ☲

Kun Reading

離す | はなす hanasu

godan verb with su ending | transitive verb
: to separate; to part; to divide; to keep apart

離れ | はなれ hanare

: detached (dwelling, room)

離れ | ばなれ banare

godan verb with su ending | transitive verb
: separation from; loss of interest in; independence of; distancing (of oneself) from; disillusionment with; alienation from (something)

離れる | はなれる hanareru

ichidan verb | intransitive verb
: to be separated; to be apart; to be distant
: to leave; to go away
: to leave (a job, etc.); to quit; to give up
: to lose connection with; to drift away from

離しょう | りしょう rishou

: syneresis [contraction of two vowels into a diphthong. Syneresis (chemistry), extraction or expulsion of a liquid from a gel]

On Reading

離 | り ri

: li (one of the trigrams of the I Ching: fire, south)

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兇: terrible | fierce

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兇 [凶] xīong

: terrible; fearful; culprit

凶 xīong

: vicious; fierce; cruel
: unlucky, ominous; inauspicious; calamitous
: famine
: variant of 兇

Kun Reading
none applicable

恐れる OR 怖れる | おそれる osoreru

ichidan verb | transitive verb
: to fear; to be afraid of

悪い | わるい warui

: bad; poor; inferior
: evil; sinful
: unprofitable
: at fault; to blame; in the wrong
: sorry

On Reading

兇 OR 凶 | きょう kyou

: bad luck; bad fortune
: evil; wickedness

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