正: true; upright | first month of the lunar year


正 zhèng

adjective | adverb
: just (right); true; truly
: straight; upright
: correct; positive
: greater than zero; principle
: in the midst of (doing something)

正 zhēng

: first month of the lunar year

Kun Reading

正 | まさ masa

noun | na-adjective
: exact; precise

正に | まさに masani

: (Usually written using kana alone) exactly; surely; certainly
: just (about to); on the verge (of doing or happening)
: duly; naturally

正す | ただす tadasu

godan verb with su ending | transitive verb
: to correct; to reform; to amend; to redress;
: to adjust; to straighten;
: to ascertain; to confirm; to verify; to make sure of;
: to enquire of someone about something (inquire); to question

正しい | ただしい tadashii

: right; just; correct; righteous; honest; truthful; proper; straightforward; perfect

On Reading

正 | せい sei

noun | no-adjective
: (logical) true; regular
: 10^40
: (Abbreviation) original
: (Mathematical term) positive; greater than zero

正 | しょう shou

: greater (of equal court ranks); upper; senior
: director (highest of the four administrative positions of the ritsuryo period); chief
: (Prefix) (before a number) exactly; precisely

正 | じょう jou

: greater (of equal court ranks); upper; senior


正正 zheng4zheng4: neat; orderly; just in time
[せいせい seisei: accurate; exact; punctual; neat]
正在 zheng4zai4: in the process; in the midst of

正直 zheng4zhi2: honest; upright; upstanding
[しょうじき shoujiki: honesty; integrity; frankness; honestly; frankly]
正確[确] zheng4que4: correct; proper [せいかく seikaku: exact]
正好 zheng4hao3: just (in time); just right; just enough; to happen to; to chance to; by chance; it just so happens that
正式 zheng4shi4: formal; official [せいしき seishiki]
正常 zheng4chang2: regular; ordinary [せいじょう seishou; normalcy]
正義[义] zheng4yi4: justice; righteous [正義 | せいぎ seigi]
中正 zhong1zheng4: fair and honest; posomethingumous name of Chiang Kai-shek 蔣介石
[ちゅうせい chuusei: impartiality; fairness]
真正 zhen1zheng4: real; geniune [しんせい shinsei: genuine; authentic; true; pure]
反正 fan3zheng4: anyway
改正 gai3zheng4: amend [かいせい kaisei: revision; amendment]
修正 xiu1zheng4: to revise; to amend
[しゅうせい shuusei: amendment; revision; modification]
正月 zheng1yue4: first month of the lunar year
[しょうがつ shougatsu: New Year’s Day; January]
正意 zheng1yi4: sense (DNA)
[せいい seii: true heart; correct meaning]

正倉[仓]院 zheng1 cang1 yuan1: Shoushouin, treasure house belonging to Tōdai-ji 東大寺, Nara 奈良, Japan, an extensive repository of imperial treasures from Tang times; described as the east-most end of the Silk road
[正倉 院 | しょうそういん shousouin]

Japanese expression / idiom
正しい言葉を遣う | ただしいことばをつかう tadashii kotoba o tsukau
: to use the correct word

正直は一生の宝 | しょうじきはいっしょうのたから shoujiki wa isshou no takara
: Honesty is the best policy

正直なところ | しょうじきなところ shoujiki na tokoro
: honestly speaking; in truth; in all honesty; to be frank

三度目の正直 | さんどめのしょうじき sandome no shoujiki
: third time lucky; third time’s the charm

正義の剣 | せいぎのけん segi no ken
: light saber (from Star Wars) (lit: sword of justice)

正義の名に於て | せいぎのなにおいて seigi no nani oite
: in the name of justice

正義の味方 | せいぎのみかた seigi no mikata
: champion of justice; knight in shining armor; crime avenger; hero; super hero

目の正月 | めのしょうがつ me no shougatsu
: feast for one’s eyes; sight as pleasing as the New Year

馬鹿正直 | ばかしょうじき baka shoujiki
: honest to a fault; foolishly honest; naively honest

盆と正月が一緒に来た様 | ぼんとしょうがつがいっしょにきたよう
bonto shougatsu ga isshoni kitayou
: To be as busy as a bee; Like Christmas and a birthday feast rolled into one

Chinese expression / idiom
正人君子 zheng4 ren2 jun1 zi
:upright gentleman; man of honor

光明正大 guang1 ming2 zheng4 da4
: just and honorable; open and aboveboard; without tricks

改邪歸正 [改邪归正] gai3 xie2 gui1 zheng4
: to mend one’s ways; to turn over a new leaf

名不正言不順[顺] ming2 bu4 zheng4 yan2 bu4 shun4
: unjustified and undeserving of such description; identity or status is unverified, or inconsistent in detail; unworthy of the title (or name), or reputation; no valid reason as justification; words without weight

腳正不怕鞋歪 [脚正不怕鞋歪] jiao3 zheng4 bu4 pa4 xie2 wai1
: lit. a straight foot has no fear of a crooked shoe; an upright man is not afraid of gossip

会意 Associative Compound.
Feet (zhi3: stop; halt; radical 77) marching
into town 一 (yin: one).

假借 Phonetic Loan.
Original form of 征 zheng1: invade; attack; conquer.

Historical Variant:
㱏 zheng4: the right side, proper, pure, honest and virtuous, original, exactly

zhi3: stop; halt; radical 77
[kun: とまる tomaru; とめる tomeru
on: し shi]


正夢 CHASING | Masayume Chasing – BOA

夢を追って 迷い込んだ 心の森の奥
鏡より 澄んだ泉 映る歪んだSmile

こぼれた涙は (Don’t Cry) 金でも銀でもなくて
ありふれた涙 (Fall From My Eyes) 女神も気づかない

Masayume Chasing Chasing
超えろもっと 自分史上最高の
瞬間を Chasing Chasing
そう描いた 自分になって 燃やせ胸の火を

na na na na na na na Oh
na na na na na Hey Hey
na na na na na na na Oh

na na na na na na na Oh
na na na na na Hey Hey
na na na na (Hey) na na na (Oh)
燃やせ胸の火を (My Life… Yeah)

目を閉じて 耳澄ませば かすかに呼ぶ声
誰もいない はずの森で 見上げた空の青
ここへは戻らない (Good Bye) コドクという名の猛毒の
甘く香る花 (Fill Up The Sky) 咲き誇る世界に

越えろもっと 自分史上最高の
笑顔 Changing Changing
そう願いは 叶うわきっと 照らせ胸の火よ

na na na na na na na Oh
na na na na na Hey Hey
na na na na na na na Oh

na na na na na na na Oh
na na na na na Hey Hey
na na na na (Hey) na na na (Oh)

Hey もう 滅茶苦茶ハードで 本当の自分が誰だか
Wake Upして Make Up 延々毎日繰り返してFade Out (Ah…)
こんな悪夢から (La…) No Way Baby (No Way Baby)
(na na na na na) 抜け出すには (Go Gotta Go Now) 目を覚ますしかない
眩しい朝陽浴びて 目を凝らす先に
あの日に見た未来が 手を広げてる Oh

Whoa Whoa

Masayume Chasing Chasing
超えろもっと 自分史上最高の
時を Chasing Chasing
そう描いた 自分になって 燃やせ胸の火を

na na na na na na na Oh
na na na na na Hey Hey
na na na na na na na Oh

na na na na na na na Oh
na na na na na Hey Hey
na na na na (Hey) na na na (Oh)

credit: BOA

Fairy Tail OP 15

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